onsdag 17 februari 2016

DPRK, Skaters paradise?

Recently I have gotten more interested of sports and alike activities, And if you're quite familiar with DPRK, You might have realized that many citizens in the country are very interested in roller-skating.

Ofcourse there is not only rollerskating, It includes a rise of popularity in ice-skating too. Just a couple of days ago the KCTV released footage of many scientists who were part of the KMS-4 Satellite system that celebrated by having an after-work activity in the Pyonyang Indoor Stadium. You could see the scientists celebrating and having fun while skating around the ice rink inside.

But the question remains, What do people think about skating?

I took the time to do some research, And I found pretty much information and footage of skateboarding inside the DPRK. And I have to say I was quite impressed.

It seems as if the population does not skateboard too much. It's very rare to find actual DPRK citizens riding skateboards, But since many tourists have visited, They have been able to show a little bit of the skateboarding. It's quite unknown compared to other sports it has also been hard to expand the skating community there. And let's not forget skateboarding is an american, So they have not been very excited to support that kind of lifestyle.

But Koreas love for sports keeps the spirit alive, And you can find pictures and videos of people skateboarding. And since DPRK has very clean and flat cities, You could find great skating spots almost everywhere you go. I personally have never been inside the country, But I have skated for a couple of years, And I almost see amazing spots in every DPRK video I see. It would be a dream to be able to roll down the streets of Pyongyang on a board and teach others about this cool sport.

To sum it all up, Skateboarding in DPRK is very unknown, But is still very promising. Sooner or later it will show up and get popular, And we'll probably see more skaters over there. But for now, It's  a rare sport.

If you're interested in skating in the DPRK, Check out some of these links

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Isak Lundström - 2016-02-17

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